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Researching in Ranana (London)

The author thanks Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi for their support towards his short film Hongi's Hikoi: A Rangatira in Ranana by awarding him funding from the Discretionary Fund; which he used for accommodation and train travel, in and between, London and Cambridge - where he undertook research at the Tower of London, House of Lords - Westminster, Queens' College and Cambridge University Library. The author would like to show his gratitude to Dr Holmes, for the opportunity to film re-enactments inside the Queens' College grounds. The author also thanks Julie Brodie (pictured with author), Curator of the Royal Armoury, Tower of London, for the opportunity to film re-enactments within the tower grounds.

The author, in his element, conducting on-site research in London and Cambridge - where Hongi Hika assisted Professor Samuel Lee, of Queens' College, in compiling the text known as the Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of New Zealand (1820); Hongi was also granted an audience with King George IV, given a tour of the Royal Armoury within the Tower of London, as well as being gifted a number of items from the King.

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