Short Film & Documentary

The purpose of this short film and an accompanying documentary, was initially planned to be three-fold:


1) as part of formal presentations to be delivered at a number of prestigious institutions in England, Australia and New Zealand - to commemorate the bicentennial of Hongi Hika's 1820 journey to England (which have now been cancelled due to Covid19),


2) as an educational aid for Kohanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa and other Primary, Secondary and Tertiary learning institutions throughout New Zealand, (in line with the recent decision by the NZ Government to make NZ History mandatory as part of the NZ Curriculum from 2022), and


3) as a stand-alone project to be aired on Maori Television and other Indigenous television channels (if approvals are granted by institutions).


The film's duration will be between 10 - 12 mins, with two versions; Te Reo Maori, with English subtitles, and English, with Te Reo Maori subtitles.

Completion date for the short film is envisaged to be July 2021, whilst the documentary is expected to be completed by December 2022.

Hongi Hika (Brent Kerehona), Thomas Kendall (Simon Millet), and Waikato (Marcus Poa) sight the southern coast of England in August 1820; this re-enactment of the three men's 6 month long journey from New Zealand to England in 1820, was filmed on the James Craig off the coast of Sydney in 2019. 
Prof Samuel Lee (Craig Sams), Waikato (Marcus Poa), Thomas Kendall (Matt Poll) and Hongi Hika (Brent Kerehona) collaborating on the compilation of the 1820 text known as A Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of New Zealand, whilst at Queens' College at Cambridge University. This re-enactment was filmed at Sydney University in 2019.

Background image: 'A Trio of Travellers'. Photographer and artist - Brent Kerehona