Filming Re-enactments

We are currently writing screenplays for specific scenes, which are required to complete the short film.

We are constantly looking for actors and actresses to play both characters and extras for these re-enactment scenes.

The late Taawhi Kerehona plays rangatira (chief) Moka Te Kaingamata, in a re-enactment for Moka, Muskets & Mayhem! an interactive historical novel, written by Brent Kerehona.

Please check back here regularly to see whether we have an upcoming shoot, for details: i.e. dates, locations, scenes, characters, and extras, etc.

Scenes will be shot in New Zealand and Australia and possibly in England.

Upcoming Film Shoots
Hongi & Waikato's audience with the King
Date: Saturday in late-Feb to mid-March TBC
Time: Mid-morning TBC
Duration: One (1) hour
Actor/s: One (1) to play King George IV (aged 40-50)
See image below
Renumeration: TBA
Interested persons are to contact us on

Family affair - Filmmaker Kris Kerehona directs Tamihana Kerehona in the set-up for the day's shoot. This was for the night scene above.

Background image:

Photographer: Brent Kerehona (2019-20)

Design Illustrator: Tess Begg (2020).