Children's Book

 The book will focus on the 1820 journey of Hongi Hika, Waikato and Thomas Kendall, and their experiences in England, Australia and at sea. 

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 The purpose of the book is to provide our tamariki (children) with an additional engaging, bilingual, learning option (in both Te Reo Maori and English), focusing on genuine, researched whakapapa (history). 


 This is also intended to promote Maori history through an interesting, culturally and age-appropriate platform. 

 A section will be dedicated to how we view unfortunate events/incidents and address them in appropriate, inoffensive ways. 


 The book is aimed at Kohanga Reo and Primary School level. 

 Illustrations by Brent Kerehona. 

 Publication date is envisaged to be June 2022.