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Rangihou Reserve reserved for Hongi's Hikoi film shoot...

Updated: May 26, 2021

A fantastic day at Rangihou Reserve in Parramatta, as we shot our 'farewell' scenes with Hongi and Waikato saying goodbye to their families at Te Kirikokai kainga in Kerikeri, as they make their way to Te Waha o Te Riri; to row out to the ship in the Bay of Islands in March 1820.

Shout outs go to our actors/actresses: Waikato (Marcus Poa), Missionary Thomas Kendall (Sean Darcy), Hira (Nevaeh Brown), Elijah the boatman (Elijah Warner,) Hariata Rongo (Joelle Walsh), Pehi (Aliyah Waipouri) and Ripiro (Maqua'el Waipouri). Thanks so much for your time, talents and contribution toward our short film.

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