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Bay of Islands to Britain - re-enactment shooting sessions...

A fantastic day of shooting a series of re-enactments depicting Thomas Kendall, Waikato and Hongi Hika's 6-month long journey from the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, to London, then the three men's time at Queens' College at Cambridge University. In the morning we shot at the University of Sydney (thanks to Dr Jude Philp and Rebecca Conway), and in the afternoon we shot on board the James Craig (thanks to Sydney Heritage Fleet). Thanks you to the actors and film crew (especially those who joined us on the day): Marcus Poa, Craig Sams, Matt Poll, Simon Millett, Marama Kamira, Whitney Kerehona, and Alannah Nastase - you are all legends.

This particular short film will be screened as part of the Ta Moko exhibition, which is at the National Gallery of Australia (in Canberra) from March 23-August 25, 2019.

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